16-17 November 2022


TİM Show Center, İstanbul


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16 Professional Speakers


This summit is organized by the members of IEEE Blockchain Initiative Turkey Workgroup. The purpose of this International event is to bring together researchers, engineers, developers, applicants from all over the world to share and discuss advances and developments in blockchain research, application and implementation.The aim is to present important results to the international and local blockchain communities, especially Turkey, in the form of research, development, applications, design, and technology. It is therefore intended to assist researchers, scientists, applicants, companies, communities, agencies, associations and societies to keep up developments in blockchain.

In this summit, keynote and invited speakers will deliver their speeches on the new developments, topics and issues. These issues will be followed and discussed  among blockchain communities.

Topics within the scope of the summit include the following areas, but not limited to:

– Blockchains for Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, Game Theory, IoTs, IoEs, Industry 4.0, Cyber Security, Cyber-Physical Systems and Privacy Issues, Critical solutions, Research & Developments, Innovative Networks and Services

 Blockchain applications and/or implementations for/in Computers, Communications, Robotics, Health, Automotives, Banking and Finance Systems, Data Science and Engineering, Data Fusion, Big and Smart Data

– Blockchain-based Software Defined Networks

– Blockchain Analytics and Data Mining, Distributed Solutions for Blockchain

– Blockchain Protocols and Architectures, State-of-the-art of the Blockchains

– Blockchain Solutions for Smart Grid and Smart City Infrastructures

– Blockchain Technologies, Methodologies, Approaches and Solutions

– Recent Development and Emerging Trends for Blockchains

– Prototyping and Testbeds for Blockchains

– Challenges in Blockchain Implementation and Applications

– Performance metric design, modeling and evaluation of blockchain systems


Blockchain is one of the new and emerging technologies for leading industries and innovations, even if it is not fully formed, standardized or supported by best practices. In recent years, countries are paying attention to improve their knowledge, experiences, and share their good practices more than ever by organising activities, delivering speeches, publishing papers or reports, doing projects, developing products, developing rules or policies, establishing organisations, groups, initiatives, etc.

A group from Turkish universities and industries now established an initiative to support, collaborate and coordinate blockchain activities in Turkey under IEEE Blockchain Initiative Turkey Workgroup. This group is now chaired by Prof. Dr. Seref Sagiroglu (Gazi University; The co-chairs of this group are from industry Dr. Orhan Muratoglu (ASELSAN- and and the university Dr. Sedat Akleylek (Ondokuz Mayis University,

Please communicate with the group for further information, collaboration, organisation and project.

For more details, please follow LinkedIn “IEEE Blockchain Turkey”

Please also visit the website

Summit Program


Welcome Speeches

Prof. Dr. Şeref SAĞIROĞLU - The Summit Chair   
Prof. Dr. Latif LADID - President of IPv6 Forum

IPv6-Based 5G, IoT, CC, Blockchain

Prof. Dr. Latif LADID - Founder & President, IPv6 Forum Chair, IEEE ComSoc TC Sub Internet of Things

How Bitcoin can secure certificates and value

Dr. Craig S. WRIGHT, Chief Scientist, nChain, UK


The Future of Cryptography, Blockchain and Trust

Prof. Dr. William Johnston BUCHANAN, Edinburgh Napier University  


Blockchain Technologies: Interoperability Issues

Nena DOKUZOV, Head of Project Group for New Economy and Blockchain Technologies at Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, UNECE expert and Head of Delegation for Slovenia

Blockchain Technology & It’s Implementation Areas in Türkiye



Student Activities, Studies and Projects

Beşir ALKAYA and Ümit Serdar SÖZBİLİCİ, Ankara University Blockchain Student Club

Two Blockchain Applications Built My2cents and Bau.App

Dr. Maximillian Sinan Korkmaz, MY2CENTS


Digital Health: Remote Connect Care and Mobile Health

Gora DATTA, Fellow HL7, Visiting Scholar University of California Berkeley, SMIEEE, SMACM, Founding Chair Global Emerging Technology Forum, Founding co-Chair HL7 Mobile Health, Founding Convenor ISO/TC215 Traditional Medicine


Scaling IoT Infrastructure via Blockchain and IPv6

Hakan YÜKSEL, nChain, CEO

Crossroads of Blockchain and Software Defined Networks: Status, Challenges, and Future Perspectives

Asst. Prof. Dr. Murat KARAKUŞ, Ankara University


Redactable Distributed Ledger Technology for Hyperledger Fabric

Dr. Rick KUHN, Computer Scientist, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Blockchain: Valid Technical Viewpoint

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alptekin KÜPÇÜ, Koc University


Blockchain for Dependable Energy Systems

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pelin ANGIN, METU

Decentralized Identifiers: Technological Overview


Applications of Decentralized Identifiers

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamer KAYA, Sabancı University

Closing Session

Prof. Dr. Latif LADID
Prof. Dr. Şeref SAĞIROĞLU

Prof. Dr. Sedat AKLEYLEK

IEEE Blockchain Initiative Turkey Group Members

Prof. Dr. Seref Sagiroglu completed his undergraduate education in 1987 at Erciyes University, Department

Prof. Dr. Sedat Akleylek

Academic Co-chair

Sedat Akleylek received the B.Sc. degree in Mathematics majored in Computer Science from Ege

Dr. Orhan Muratoğlu

Industry Co-chair

Keynotes Speakers

Gora Datta, FHL7 is a US based serial entrepreneur and an internationally acknowledged Subject

Dr. Craig S Wright

Chief Scientist at nChain

Dr Craig S Wright is the inventor of Bitcoin and the author of the

Hakan Yuksel

Ceo, nChain

Mr Yuksel has over 20 years of executive experience with enterprise-grade software providers. His

Latif Ladid is a Senior Researcher at SnT. He works on multiple European Commission Next

William (Bill) J Buchanan OBE is a Professor in the School of Computing at

Invited Speakers

Dr. Maximilian Sinan Korkmaz

Founder of

Dr. Korkmaz is a passionate engineer and the author of numerous scientific articles as well

Dr. Pelin Angın

METU, Turkey

She was born in Ankara, Turkey. She completed her primary and secondary education at

Dr. Alptekin Küpçü

Koç University, Turkey

Alptekin Küpçü received his Ph.D. degree from Brown University Computer Science Department in 2010.

Dr. Murat Karakuş

Ankara University, Turkey

Dr. Karakus received a B.S. degree in Mathematics from Suleyman Demirel University, Turkey, in

Dr. Mustafa Takaoğlu


Dr. Mustafa Takaoğlu received his BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Engineering from

Taner Dursun


Taner Dursun graduated from Istanbul Technical University as a Computer Engineer 25+ years of

Dr. Kamer Kaya

Sabanci University, Turkey

Dr. Kamer Kaya is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural

Rick Kuhn is a computer scientist at the US National Institute of Standards and


  • Gazi University AI R&D Center


  • Ondokuz Mayis University
  • Chamber of Electrical Engineering of Turkey Ankara Branch


  • BSV Blockchain


Summit Steering Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Seref Sagiroglu, Gazi University, Turkey
  • Prof. Dr. Sedat Akleylek, Ondokuz Mayıs University, Turkey
  • Prof. Dr. Latif Ladid, Luxemburg University, Luxembourg


Summit Chairs

  • Seref Sagiroglu, Chair, Gazi University, Turkey
  • Latif Ladid, Co-Chair, Luxemburg University, Luxembourg


Program Chair

  • Sedat Akleylek, Ondokuz Mayis University, Turkey


Workshop Chair

  • Pelin Angın, Middle East Technical University, Turkey


Tutorial Chair

  • Adnan Ozsoy, Hacettepe University, Turkey


Organization Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Seref Sagiroglu, Gazi University, Turkey
  • Prof. Dr. Sedat Akleylek, Ondokuz Mayıs University, Turkey
  • Mahmut Kapkiç, Atılım University, Turkey
  • Gökhan Abbasoğlu / TUBITAK
  • Dr. Mustafa Takaoğlu / TUBITAK
  • Şaziye Ersoy / TUBITAK BILGEM
  • Fatih Kömürcü / TUBITAK
  • Güliz Gerdan / TUBITAK
  • Orhan Gündoğdu / TUBITAK
  • Orhan Cığyan / TUBITAK


Scientific Committee

  • Seref Sagiroglu, Gazi University, Turkey
  • Latif Ladid, Luxemburg University, Luxembourg
  • Gora Datta, IEEE Blockchain Initiative, USA
  • William Johnston Buchanan, Edinburgh Napier University, UK
  • Sedat Akleylek, Ondokuz Mayis University, Turkey
  • Orhan Muratoğlu, Aselsan, Turkey
  • Pelin Angın, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
  • Ali Aydın Selcuk, TOBB ETÜ, Turkey
  • Murat Karakuş, Ankara University, Turkey
  • Serkan Ayvaz, YTÜ, Turkey
  • Muhammed Ali Aydın, Istanbul University, Turkey
  • Kerem Kaskaloglu, Kuwait American University, KW
  • Ozgur Oksuz, Adıyaman University, Turkey
  • Selçuk Topal, Bitlis Eren University, Turkey
  • Adnan Ozsoy, Hacettepe University, Turkey
  • Murat Ak, Akdeniz University, Turkey
  • Oğuz Yayla, METU, Turkey
  • Kamer Kaya, Sabancı University, Turkey
  • Enis Karaarslan, Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Turkey
  • Murat Osmanoğlu, Ankara University, Turkey
  • Alptekin Küpçü, Koç University, Turkey
  • Mert Özarar, HAVELSAN, Turkey
  • Suleyman Ozarslan, PICUS, Turkey
  • Faruk Takaoğlu, TUBITAK, Turkey
  • Mehmet Emin Gönen, TUBITAK, Turkey
  • Oktay Adalıer, TUBITAK, Turkey
  • Hasan Er, TUBITAK, Turkey
  • Taner Dursun, TUBITAK, Turkey


The aims of this summit are to:

  • Promote to blockchain communities new legislative frameworks favorable
    to blockchain industries.
  • Developing public policies for blockchain assumed by the Governments.
  • Establish communication platforms among governments, regulators and
  • Share, discuss and identify important issues on applications and
  • Organize training courses.
  • Meet the demand with the offer of projects developed on the basis of
    blockchain technology.
  • Provide information exchange among scientists, researchers and sector representatives.
  • To help the individuals understand and contribute the concepts of blockchain.
  • To contribute to the increase of scientific knowledge in this field in Turkey, and
  • To increase the cooperation between institutions and the sectors.




Büyükdere Street Derbent Locality (Next to Darüşşafaka Campus)


Important Dates for Paper Submission

Paper submission deadline.                     : 20 OCTOBER  2022
Announcement date of accepted papers :  27 OCTOBER 2022
Deadline for conference registration.       :  1 NOVEMBER 2022



The purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers and scientists from a diversity of subdisciplines from the fields of blockchain applications and implementations in Turkey. The scope of the summit is quite broad as it aims to bring together scientists from a diversity of subdisciplines from the fields of blockchain  on the highest level of national and international expertises around the world.

We invite researchers and practitioners working in the field of blockchain technologies and applications to join us on November 16-17, 2022.

Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into a number of journals subject to meeting the scope and quality requirements.


Paper Submission:

You must register and submit your papers via  Papers can have maximum 6 pages.



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Paper format:

The paper format must be prepared according to A4-size paper (NOT US Letter) format as presented in IEEE website (I


The information on this site is only for educational or academic purposes. All deliveries made by the speakers are supposed to be academic not for any investment or financial advice of cryptocurrencies. The summit organization committee takes no responsibility on those issues .

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